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Warner Music Mexico

The mural 'Warner Music Mexico' is an impressive work covering 160 square meters inside the 'Warner Music' building in Mexico City, complemented by two interior murals of 24 square meters each. Completed in 2021, this project was commissioned by the renowned global music industry company to celebrate the rich relationship between Mexico and music.

Spread across five floors, the interior mural captures the vibrant and diverse essence of musical culture. With Roa's unmistakable style, the work combines iconic elements of traditional and contemporary music from Mexico and around the world, from mariachis and wind bands to the modern rhythms of rock and pop. The vibrant color palette and dynamic shapes take the viewer on a visual and auditory journey, evoking the energy and passion of music.

The 'Warner Music Mexico' mural not only beautifies the building but also serves as a tribute to the importance of music in global culture and Warner Music's identity. Roa's work, with his ability to blend the traditional and the modern, invites everyone to celebrate music as a universal language full of color and life.